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Welcome to the OKC!

Located at:

8830 Currie Road

Northville, MI  48168


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OKC Dojo




The style of Karate we teach at OKC, Isshin-ryu (one heart style), was developed by Okinawan Grand Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, who devoted his life to the study of Karate. He studied many martial arts with Okinawa's most noted instructors. Master Shimabuku then combined the best of these styles into Isshinryu. Master Shimabuku's determined efforts to identify the most truly effective techniques was only part of his goal. His real goal, and the goal of all the greatest Martial Artists, was the perfection of one's self, through both physical and mental development. As students today learn self-defense, they acquire self-confidence, coordination, balance, serenity, and the ability to concentrate.