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Full Name: William Chace, Livonia, MI 
Profession: Program Manager 
Present Rank, as of 2009: Go dan 
Promotion dates:
Godan - 2008 Master White
Yondan - 2005 Master White
Sandan - 2000 Master White
Nidan - 1997 Master White
Shodan - 1992 Master White

Personal Accomplishments:
Bachelor's Degree: Production Management
Associate's Degree: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Certified Scuba Diver
Red Cross CPR Certified
Started Okinawan Karate Jutsu School Ran for 5 years

Personal Martial Arts Accomplishments:
Ran small Isshinryu school for 5 years - Promoted 2 students to green belt
Green Belt - Judo 1978 Freestyle Wrestling (1978 - 1980)

How many tournaments have you participated in? about 10 
What place did you come in, in the above tournaments?
Kumite (3rd)
Kata (2nd) 
How many Martial Arts seminars have you participated in?
90% of all OKC camps over last 20 years
Who was the instructor and when/where were they?
Dan bartley
Ken Pittaway
Tyron Meton
Bob Markavitch
Albert Mady
Sifu Al Wazel
Roy Osborne
Jeff Perkins

What are your personal goals in the Martial Arts?
The only aspiration I have is to learn, teach, and train as much as I can before I die.
What are your future business goals in the Martial Arts? none 
What other Martial Arts have you participated in, aside from Isshin Ryu?
Freestyle wrestling, Judo, Phillapino Arnis and Kali, shoot wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Akido, Sebukan Shorinji-ryu, Okinawan Kempo, tai-chi, traditional ju-jitsu, McCarthy's Koryu Uchanidi, Shorinryu, Uichiryu