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George RodenbachFull Name: George Rodenbach, Detroit, MI 
Profession: Software Developer 
Present Rank, as of 2009: 6th Dan 
Promotion dates:
6th Dan - 10/08 Sensei Dan Bartley
5th Dan - 05/05 Sensei Dan Bartley
4th Dan - 03/02 Sensei Dan Bartley
3rd Dan - 07/97 Sensei Dan Bartley

Personal Accomplishments:
B.A. in Mathematics from Wayne State U 
Personal Martial Arts Accomplishments:
I really believe my biggest accomplishments have been teaching others 
How many tournaments have you participated in? around 20 
What place did you come in, in the above tournaments?
Won Kumite 4 times (First Place)
Won Kata 3 times (First Place) 
How many Martial Arts seminars have you participated in? 10 -12 
Who was the instructor and when/where were they?
2 seminars with Sherman Merril
2 seminars with A. Advincula
1 seminars with Ange Vezu

What are your personal goals in the Martial Arts?
The only goal I've ever had was to improve 
What are your future business goals in the Martial Arts? none 
What other Martial Arts have you participated in, aside from Isshin Ryu?
A few months in Shotokan. I've been in a few classes or seminars for Tang Soo Do, Tai Chi, Pencak Silat and Kempo