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Danny BartleyFull Name: Danny N Bartley

Date of Birth: Jan 25, 1945

Profession Retired: City of Troy, Mi Police Officer Labor Representative with Police Officers Labor Council (Michigan)

Education: Just under two yrs of College

Rank: Ku-Dan

Married: Wife Lynne 

Family: Six Children (14 Grand Children) 

Martial Arts History: 

As a Junior High and High School Student I trained in the Golden Gloves system for a short time. No sanctioned bouts. 

Karate: May 7, 2008 Hachi-Dan; by Masters Pittaway, White and Pogue

I started training in the Isshin-ryu system under Bert Ross in Sept 1971. 

Achieved Black Belt in Jan 1975 at a promotion conducted by Sensei Bill Pogue and attended by Sensei Ken Pittaway. 

Studied with Sensei Willie Adams and Master Steve Armstrong from 1976 thru 1988. 

From 1988 forward I have been training with and assisting the Okinawan Karate Clubs founder Master Robert White with his schools. My primary duties are connected with the Black Belts and their advancement and growth. 


Competed in numerous tournaments through the late 1970’s and 80’s. Stopped competition in early 1991/92. Won several weapons and kata competitions in local tournaments and at all of the annual OAKA Grand National Tournaments of that time period. 

I did compete in kumite for a while, but due to the vast differences between sport fighting and the requirements of street self-defense for a police officer I did little tournament fighting and concentrated on “hard” close-in technique that employed tactics not allowed on the tournament scene. 

Nominated for Sensei of Sensei of the IIKA in 2005 and 2006 

Inducted to the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame (Cleveland, Ohio) in May of 2008 

Advancement of Isshin-ryu: 

Since 1976 I have used my training in Isshin-ryu to develop programs and conduct training in several areas of police survival: 

Have trained numerous karate students. Some thirty plus have become Black Belts with several reaching the Masters level. Many of these students have competed on the national level thru the AOKA organization. Others have become good karate sensei and have developed many other upcoming karate students. 

Developed the first Weapon Retention/Disarming Program Certified by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (1976). 

Trained police personnel from around the Globe (Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, South Africa, and Canada) in gun and knife disarming, firearms instruction (for instructors) and surviving violent encounters. 

Have been a consultant to the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards regarding firearms training and defensive tactics. 

Additionally, I have served as an expert witness in the defense of police officers in the state and federal courts. 

Served as an instructor in many Michigan Police Training Academies. 

Have received at least four reports from officers that I have trained that they have saved their lives during actual firearms engagements by employing techniques learned while attending my classes. 


My thanks to all of those who I have had the privilege of training with, Masters, fellow karate-ka and students. I have learned for all of you.