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vtoiaFull Name: Vince Toia
Profession: Business Owner
Promotion dates: 
Shodan - November 2008

Personal Accomplishments: 

Personal Martial Arts Accomplishments:

Over the years I have accumilated many 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophys From The International Hall of Fame (Isshin Ryu) Tennesse, Long Beach Internationals (open) California, Etc...

Awards / Recognitions

Instructors trained with:

G.M. Ken Pittaway, G.M. Robert l. White, Master Danny Bartley , Master Dennis Anderson, Master Scott Cruz


G.M. Gary Alexander 
Howard Jackson (Chuck Norris's #1 student)
and World Middleweight Champion (full contact) 
Manny Johnston: World Lightweight Champion (Full Contact). 
Master Steve Fisher (Shorin Ryu)
Sifu Anthony Chan and Sifu Roger Tung (Wushu) 
G.M Gary Forbach (Kajukenbo) - Original Method.

Martial Arts goals:

Other Martial Arts participated in:

Sensei Tiger Kim

Shorin Ryu - Master Steve Fisher

Kajukenbo - G.M. Gary Forbach  - Original Method

Wushu - Sifu Anthony Chan