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Okinawan Karate Clubs

8830 Currie Rd.   Northville, MI 48168 


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About the OKC

The Okinawan Karate Clubs (OKC) is located in Northville, Michigan. It is Northville's oldest, continuously operating martial arts club. Founded in 1973, by Sensei Robert L. White. Grand Master White, the OKC teaches a traditional style of Okinawan karate, Isshin-Ryu. The OKC instructs children from as young as 5, to adults of all ages. Classes are organized by age and are taught by experienced, senior Black Belts. Instruction is given in a disciplined but accessible environment with attention to traditional customs and techniques. Outside of training, the OKC is a friendly, family-oriented community of students, teachers and friends that participate in many club activities, such as annual camping and canoe trips, seasonal parties (Christmas, New Years, Halloween, etc...).


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