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Full Name: D. Brent Egnor
Profession: Product Design - Automotive
Promotion dates:

San-Kyu Feb 2016

Yon-Kyu Dec 2016

Personal Accomplishments: Began training at OKC in 2014

Personal Martial Arts Accomplishments:
Began Trainee Instruction under Jr. Master Brian Hubbard in 2015

Awards / Recognitions

2nd Place -Intermediate Forms- 35+  2016 Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament

3rd Place - Intermediate Forms- Extreme Isshinryu MSKC Tournament 2016

1st Place - Intermediate Forms and 2nd Place Intermediate Sparring Canton, MI 2015

Instructors trained with:

Grand Master Ken Pittaway, Grand Master Robert White, Master Ron Carter, Master Scott Cruz, Master Ed Haass, Master Barb White

All Masters,Senseis and Yudansha at OKC.

Martial Arts goals: Continuous improvement in all aspects of life, not just in martial arts study. I am a work in progress.

Other Martial Arts participated in: None


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