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Okinawan Karate Clubs

8830 Currie Rd.   Northville, MI 48168 


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Their 2016 Titles include: MSKC State Champ in Continuous Spar (Darius), MSKC State Champ Point Spar (Caleb), MSKC 4th Place Spar (Guiseppe) and MSKC 2nd Place (Landon)

OKC's Jr. Master Brian Hubbard created a Tournament Team in 2014 to compete in the Michigan Sport Karate Circuit and local Isshinryu Tournaments. These kids workout 2 to 3 days a week preparing to compete in: Open Hand Kata, Weapons Kata, Point Sparring (Kumite) and Continuous Sparring. Each Kyu is proficient in their rank and weaponry. They support each other both on the mats at the dojo and off the mats in life. Friends inside and outside of Karate. They all put their schooling first and achieve high grades in order to stay competing. Discipline is sharp and education is key, both for the Tournament Team and Life. Sensei Hubbard makes sure they give it their all at all times. In the last 3 years they have complied shelves of trophies and medals and at least 2 team members have placed at every tournament they have participated in! Each student credits Okinawan Karate Clubs, Grand Master White and Jr. Master Brian Hubbard for their Martial Arts Ability!


Meet the Team: Left to Right

Landon Phelps, Darius Ripple, Caleb Egnor, Will Dickerson and Guiseppe Calvetti


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Darius Ripple, Landon Phelps, Jr. Master Brian Hubbard, Will Dickerson and Caleb Egnor



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